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Phuket, Thailand

teton national park

Teton National Park, Wyoming


Premature Babies’ Health Increases with Music


A recent study conducted by the University of Alberta suggests that hospitals that play sweet music to premature babies can help them thrive.  Evidence shows that music aids in faster weight gain and shorter hospital stays.

The study also revealed that calm music encourages better oral feeding and has direct benefits to the heart and respiratory rates.  Continued research will be conducted to further these types of studies, allowing for better knowledge in the care of premature infants.

Never Too Old to Have a Good Time!

This couple has been playing together for 63 years!  They have now become a youtube/news sensation.

Helping Others for Free

Helping Others Around The WorldHere are a few great sites that use the power of the Internet to support those in need.  Just a click of your mouse and you are donating funds through the help of sponsors.

This site features click buttons for six different causes: hunger, child health, breast cancer, literacy, the rainforest, and animal rescue. The concept is simple: Just click the button for each cause once every day, and the site’s sponsors will make a charitable donation on your behalf.
Ripple works exactly the same way as the Hunger Site, funding clean water, food, education, and a $100 loan with your daily click.
The site features a vocabulary game, where every correct answer you choose donates 20 grains of rice to an impoverished country.
Traveler IQ game where you where you score points by locating cities and landmarks on an unmarked map. With every correct answer, the site donates 10 cups of water to a poor country on your behalf.

MILO SANCTUARY- Help for Animals in Need of Some Love

Milo's Sanctuary Puppies

Milo's Sanctuary Puppies

145 miles north of San Francisco, a non-profit animal rescue organization takes animals out of high-kill shelters all over California and gives them a second chance at life.

The Milo Foundation also runs an adoption center in San Rafael.  More than 15,000 animals have found homes.  Animals that need a bit more tender love and care are given the chance to live on Milo’s 283 acres of land.  The Milo Sanctuary houses cats, dogs, bunnies and even a horse.

The Milo Foundation is completely run by private donations and supports and encourages volunteers.

For more information on adopting or volunteering, check out the Milo Sanctuary’s website @

Fun for Locals

More Fun For Your Buck!

Fun For Locals

Theme parks all across the country are slashing fares to keep locals returning. Hot deals include Disneyland, Universal Studios and many other local amusement parks.  Not only are admission sales dropping, so are deals within the parks!


DISNEYLAND- 3 day pass for $99.00 for all locals

SIX FLAGS- Buy 1 get 1 free tickets

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD- 6 month pass for just $60.00 for So-Cal locals

Look for hot deals on amusement parks in your area!